10 Reason to Still Love Google Adsense

   10 Reason to Still Love Google Adsense. Recently, I read a guest post on JohnChow’s blog by Chad Randall about why Adsense is not a good option. The readers really seemed divided on the topic. As for me, I am an Adsense lover and there are valid reasons. Though I agree that there are more profitable alternatives if you have tons of traffic, Adsense is by far the best friend of a newbie in the Internet world. Why do I think that Adsense is great for newbies? Here is why

No need for huge traffic

You cannot expect a new guy in the IM world to instantly make a site with huge traffic. Building huge traffic takes time and without any inflow of cash it is hard to keep on working on a site which yields nothing for the time being. But, you can earn  from Adsense even if you have little traffic. In fact many niche sites are actually doing just that with little but targeted traffic.

Huge inventory of ads – International

Adsense probably has the largest inventory of ads in the world. The reason for this is the success that advertisers get through Adwords. Whatever may be the reason, with Google Adsense you are very likely to get relevant ads in most niches. Also, as they are globally huge, you also get to show ads in most countries even if you have specific country targeted site. On the contrary, a lot of the affiliate networks do not accept publishers from various countries and most of their offers are limited to specific countries. Even Adsense alternatives like Adbrite, YPN etc have a very limited inventory of ads.

High Cost per click

As Adsense is CPC based, you get paid just for the clicks. You do not need to convince your users to buy your product or to submit their e-mail which is quite tough for a newbie to do. Also due to the profitability of Adwords campaigns, advertisers are ready to pay more on the Adsense network leading to higher cost per click than any other network. I’m not sure whether Adsense actually gives the highest cost per click but I’m pretty sure it is very close to the top.

Ease of use and the ability to track

Using Adsense is super easy. All you need to do is to select the proper options to modify that ads according to your needs, copy and paste the code on your page and you are done. If you want to use a CMS, then Adsense is the most supported advertising network by plug-ins in WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and Drupal. Stick it with your Analytics account and you have a complete tracking system for your ads. You can even edit and modify your running ads from inside the Adsense account.


Banner, half-banner, square, rectangle, skyscraper- you name it, they have it. You can use text or image ads according to your needs. Don’t forget that you also have link units which work great if used strategically. Adsense is also constantly trying out new varieties of ads. To be frank, some of them are not quite great though.

Ability to use ads on feed, domain, search and mobile

Now you are not bound to use your ads only on your sites. You can also use them on your parked domains, your RSS feed, search pages of your site and even mobile version of site. Isn’t that a great way to increase your income?

Timely payouts

Wouldn’t it feel bad if your payday is postponed? Adsense will never let that happen. With a large brand name like Google you are assured to get your payment in a very timely manner.

Decent ad match

Adsense is contextual and does a pretty good job in delivering relevant ads. As mentioned above, with such a huge inventory of ads, it very rarely displays unrelated ads. Even if it does display unrelated ads, you can always increase its relevance by adding weightage to specific parts of your content.

Easy to get accepted

Well, in the past few months Adsense has become a bit strict about accepting new publishers. But if you have decent site, you can rest assured that they will accept you. That’s what a new publisher needs. Don’t hope to get accepted if you have nothing but rewritten content all over your site. At least not easily.

Ability to block categories and particular ads

A new feature in Adsense is the ability to block specific categories of ads appearing on your side. It is called the category filter. It is a very useful tool and helps to increase revenue as you can read from how to increase Adsense revenue by using category filters. You can also block particular site-targeted ads at your wish though you cannot block as ads which appear contextually.
So, what do you guys feel? Aren’t these good reasons to support Adsense and to feel that it is still the best? At least for small to medium publishers. I would appreciate if you share your views on this topic.

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