Visual Studio 11 Beta Complete + Samples

Visual Studio 11 Beta Complete + Samples
| 7.56 GB

Visual Studio 11 Beta - a comprehensive proposal for application lifecycle management, designed for organizations involved in the development and maintenance of highly scalable applications and services.

In a medium implemented a lot of cosmetic changes associated with the configuration of such panels, once again, improved search and navigation. Interestingly, the MSVS 11 is far less colorful, almost monochrome - a visual editor works on the default palette of gray, and even the icons are made in black and white! But it developed color adjustment code.
javascript in a new shell is actually equated in importance to the C + +, but it is actively developing support for standard C + 11.
In. NET 4.5 the main emphasis is on software support for asynchronous execution and background JIT-compilation for multicore architectures. It is important that a number of features in Windows 8 will be available from. NET 4.5, as promised, "direct" - that is, integration. NET and "eight", fortunately, will not go away. Although it is not clear - is there any link. NET and Metro?
In the 11 built-in studio technology ASP.NET MVC Beta 4 with support for HTML5. Developers offered a means of creating Web interfaces Web API - server-side code can be called from browsers or clients with virtually any platform. Available WebSocket-s. In order to optimize traffic in a single HTTP-request can be placed some CSS / JS-files, and their lyrics are "pack" (exclude the extra spaces etc).

Visual Studio 11 Beta:
- Ultimate;
- Premium;
- Professional;
- Test Professional;

Team Fundation Server:
- Team Fundation Server;
- Team Fundation Server Express;
- Team Explorer;
- Team Explorer Everywhere;

Standalone installers:
-. NET 4.5 Beta;
- Agents for Visual Studio 11 Beta;
- IntelliTrace Collector for Visual Studio 11 Beta;
- Customer feedback for Visual Studio 11 Beta;
- Removed tools for Visual Studio 11 Beta;
- Shell Visual Studio;
- The SDK for Visual Studio;

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