Mozilla Firefox 7.0 Candidates Build 2

Mozilla Firefox 7.0 Candidates Build 2 | 13.66 Mb

Mozilla Firefox - a popular, free and functional web browser from Mozilla. The new updated version of the browser engine - has improved the quality of the mapping sites, the increased rate of loading, compatibility with the new standards. This browser is open-source and developed a great community. Firefox 3 is fast handles Web pages with a variety of content. In general: quick, easy and stable. It should be noted also that Firefox supports a powerful system of plug-ins (extensions) that can be used to greatly expand the functionality of the browser, adding lots of different options.

Fast, functional, perfectly scalable browser-based "engine" Mozilla. Firefox supports tabs (tabs) - you can open multiple pages in one window. You can also download links in the background without leaving the page on which you are now. The browser supports excellent web standaty, intuitive interface, built-in protection against pop-ups (popup blocking), integrated search bar (Google, etc.), easy to work with bookmarks, a convenient cookie manager and a password manager, can fine-tune the blocking javascript.

And most importantly - security. Following the discovery of another "hole" in Internet Explorer, you will not have to download tons of updates, Firefox uses a much more secure "engine" Mozilla. For paranoids have the opportunity to clear all the stored private information (passwords, cookie, history ...) with one click. Browser functionality can be greatly expanded with extensions.

Key features:
• Block pop-ups;
• Tabbed browsing (multiple pages in one window);
• Built-in search bar in search engines and dictionaries;
• Live Bookmarks - a mechanism for integrating RSS-flows;
• Wide range of options for customizing the behavior and appearance;
• Support for multiple extensions;
• Built-in tools for web developer;
• Automatic updates of both the browser and its extensions (version 1.5);
• Display content at once;
• Secure storage of passwords for the sites;
• Adding a bookmark with one click;
• Password Manager;
• Improved productivity;
• Instant identification of a website;
• Full scale;
• The appearance and integration with the native platform;
• Smart Location Bar;
• And many other features.

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