Software Dr.Web- LiveCD & LiveUSB 18.08.2011 Free Download

Dr.Web- LiveCD & LiveUSB 18.08.2011 | 356 MB

Dr.Web - LiveCD & LiveUSB - these are products for antivirus emergency assistance, which allow you to restore your system that is affected by the actions of malicious programs on computers and servers running Windows \ Unix. In the case where it is impossible to boot the computer from the hard drive, Dr.Web - LiveCD & LiveUSB will not only clean your computer from viruses, infected and suspicious files, but try to cure infected objects.

The order of the boot disk Dr.Web LiveCD
1. Download the ISO-image of Dr.Web LiveCD and burn it to CD / DVD drive.
2. Set the PC BIOS to boot from CD / DVD drive.
3. When loaded, a dialog box in which you can choose between normal and safe (debug) mode of running the program. Select the desired item and press [Enter]:
- Normal download DrWeb-LiveCD - version of the scanner with graphical interface.
- Safe Mode DrWeb-LiveCD (Safe Mode) - run the scanner command line (console scanner)
- Mode Local HDD - the computer boots from the hard drive.
Of particular interest Dr.Web LiveCD is for users who often face the problem of virus infections, as well as companies providing computer assistance and diagnostics.

To create a rescue disk on a USB-drive:

1. Plug the flash card. The event registration connection takes a maximum of ten seconds.
2. Run the application drwebliveusb.exe.
3. This program will automatically detect the available USB-device and prompts you to choose from. If desired, you can format the selected device (before formatting is displayed with a warning).
4. To create a bootable flash card, click New Dr.Web LiveUSB.
5. Copying files to start automatically.
6. When finished, click Exit to exit the program.

Released: 2011
OS: Windows - XP/Vista/7

Download Here Via Filesonic Part 1
                                Filesonic Part2

Download Here Via Fileserve Part 1
                                Fileserve Part2
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