Navigation Android,Symbian,Windows Mobile,Sygic Mobile Maps 10, v.8.24 build R-18 362 MD

Navigation Android,Symbian,Windows Mobile,Sygic Mobile Maps 10, v.8.24 build R-18 362 MD | 5.01 GB

Sygis Mobile Maps 10 (8.24 version, the assembly R-18 362 MD) - navigation software for smart phones (PDA)-based operating system Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

The program - a clone of Tom Tom. However, unlike the Tom Tom has a Russian interface (translated quite well) and fresh card. The maps program is comparable with iGO. Most of the maps from TeleAtlas. Map of Russia released in December 2010. Maps of Europe - September 2010, the rest of the country - in March 2009. Sygis promotes its program in many countries, and successfully using the maps of local producers.

Smooth motion card, quick installation of the route on the detailed maps of all European countries and some countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia from TeleAtlas, instant re-route. Run by a few seconds.

A convenient route planning:
The destination is specified by the address, zip code, city center, the choice of the magazine last route, the list of favorite routes, list of nearby POIs (POI), the important points in a particular city, GPS coordinates or GPS coordinates latest available.

Fine-tuning of the route:

Sygis Mobile Maps 10 offers several options for clarifying the route: the selection of an alternative route, travel through the city, which aside from the route, the important point (POI), etc., bypass traffic jams and obstacles on the route or any area on the map. You can also exclude from the route back roads, toll roads, ferries, highways.

Quick View Maps:
Sygis Mobile Maps 10 provides the ability to view e-cards with additional features: choosing a destination on the map itself, changing the route to travel through the item selected on the map, find the address or city, searching for a POI (POI) around this point on the map, and etc.

Route preview:
Sygis Mobile Maps 10 makes it easy to get detailed information about an installed route - plan exercises while moving, watching every maneuver on the map, video demonstration of the route, and, most importantly, on the same screen display details the route: the types used roads (roads with traffic regulations , highways, toll roads, ferry, back roads), the approximate time of arrival, had the time and distance to arrival at the destination.

Manage POI:

Large database of POIs (POI) can be supplemented with your own collection of interesting places. Can also be configured to notify the approach of selected categories of important points (POI): petrol stations, museums, hotels, etc.

Route Planning:

Plan your route from home. Ask the intermediate and final waypoints and routes, specify the start point. Optimize your trip and after the last change, save the route.

Additional features:
World Time, GPS tracks, adaptation to right-or left-handed, quick start guide, country information, auto-switching day and night display modes, etc.

- User-friendly menu
- Detailed maps of all European countries (not very bad cards in Russia and Ukraine) and some countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia
- Warnings about the radar, and security cameras in most of Europe (including Russia)
- Minimum requirements
- User's Manual

1.Choose installer SetupAndroid.apk, SetupSymbianS60.sis or SetupWinMobile.exe application Sygic Mobile Maps 10 v8.24 build R-18 362 MD, the corresponding operating system of your phone (device) and copy it to the root of the memory card or built-in microSDHC memory array smartphone (communicator)
2. Run the setup file you copied to your smartphone (PDA) and install the Sygic Mobile Maps 10 v8.24 build R-18 362 MD memory card or the built-in microSDNS array of memory on the phone (communicator)
3. Copy the root of the card or internal memory microSDHC memory array to your phone (communicator) Folder Drive, Maps, Res, and 2577. Maps of countries that you need to copy the relevant folders in the directory Maps on the memory card or the built-in microSDHC memory array to your phone (smartphone).
4. Open Sygic Mobile Maps 10 (red crescent icon) in your smartphone's menu, go to the application menu and select "Preferences."
5. Scroll through the "Settings" and then locate the item "Switch map" and select it.
6. Choose your card - the application would write that the activation code for this card is not found and prompt you for it, giving you the code for your device (Device ID), which you must save or copy.
7. Select "Activate manually", write the code of the device (Device ID), required to generate the key or the legal purchase of software Sygic mobile Maps 10, which will provide you with the program.
8. Open the folder "Crack for Sygic Mobile Maps 10 v8.24 build R-18 362 MD" and run crack SygicKG_win.exe
9. In the keygen, tick on the item "Check this if you have 8.16 version", select the file in line SMM10_TA.WORLD.2012.03.MLM "MLM File" from the folder Maps, or the other, matching the name of your card, the line "Device ID" Enter the code for your device (Device ID), provided the application Sygic Mobile Maps 10 when you select the "Activate manually", click "Generate!".
10. The resulting "Serial Number" enter the smartphone (PDA), then click "Finish."
11. You can enjoy excellent navigation software Sygic Mobile Maps 10!

In this release includes maps of the following countries:

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Greece, Croatia, Hungary , Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Monaco, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Vatican City, Australia , Bahrain, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Hong Kong, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Israel, India, Indonesia, Canada, Qatar, Cyprus, Kuwait, Lesotho, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, New Zealand, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, Singapore, USA (individual maps of each state), Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda, South Africa

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