26 Creative Themes for Windows 7 (Most Excelent)

26 Creative Themes for Windows 7
OS: Windows®7 | Year :2011 | 258.91 MB

In front of you - a collection of themes for the holders of the operating system, Windows 7. If you like to change the look of Windows 7, so this collection - for you. In order that would have earned the style files needed to patch the program Universal Theme Patcher! (Present in the archive) ...
1) To do this, run the program as an administrator and click on the button patch.
2) Then restart your computer.
3) After the reboot, we throw all the files from a folder in the Themes folder ...: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes.
4) In the "Personalization" select the installed theme.
In any case, the program Universal Theme Patcher! keeps backups of original files at any time you can restore the button "restore".
To include the effect of transparency in dark themes enough to run the file Full Glass.exe (present in the archive).

Usually this kind hvataet.Izmenyaetsya "Start" menu, buttons: minimize, maximize, close, color windows and menus. But if you need full compliance (change icons of the conductor, etc.) you have to replace one or more system files. This can be done by hand. The required file is located at .. \ Shell (shellstyle.dll) they must be copied to the replacement of C: \ Windows \ System32 \
To replace the system files in Windows 7, Vista must have Administrator rights.

Clearscreen Sharp v3.2
Dark Soft Theme by RajTheeban95
Elemental Snow by Minhtrimatrix
NFR Pack by kAtz93
Nvidia theme
Plastico by Kik
Static 2.0 by Snipes2
ZuneIdea Aero by Karina
Transformers Autobots by Pauliewog
Cur7ed RC1 Visuale Style by Steel89
Dragon by Viken
Mac theme by Liuxiaofei
Transformers Decepticons by Pauliewog
ProMate mod final by evthan
Special OPS by Creator
Windows 7.1 by leosss
NOOTO port
Elegant GRAY VS by DjabyTown
AeroVG Se7en
Q's Counter Elements 7
Apple Steel By Dashes91
Funk VS
Blaque Final by ?aeszer
LIM BXM Leopard
ThaImpact VS by DjabyTown

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